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SIM matching iLOs to servers

Ulf Zimmermann
Frequent Advisor

SIM matching iLOs to servers

I got a small number of servers in SIM where it doesn't match the iLOs to the servers.

I have read:

http://h18013.www1.hp.com/products/servers/management/hpsim/techsupport.html (Question 9).

An example is from the SIM server:

ping biprd03
Pinging biprd03.autc.com []

ping biprd03-ilo.autc.com
Pinging biprd03-ilo.autc.com []

Pings are successful and both show up in SIM but are not matched. The server is also part of a Windows Domain and it seems all the servers I have this problem with are too. The SIM server searches first autc.com, then the AD domain, then other sub domains. But not all of our Windows servers in the domain have this problem with matching. I sure it is something about DNS but I can't figure out the common thing to fix it. Anyone have some hints what to look at?

Frequent Advisor

Re: SIM matching iLOs to servers

what does that "Match" mean ? . Is it ILO -> Server Asscociation? If so trying installing agents on the server. Make sure SNMP service is running and login to System management homepage and check whether the ILO is identified and shown in left hand side.
Ulf Zimmermann
Frequent Advisor

Re: SIM matching iLOs to servers

I deleted the iLOs in SIM again, let them rediscover and this time they show up correctly "biprd03-ilo in Server biprd03" and the "biprd03" it self has a Green checkmark under MP now. Same for all the other servers.