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SIM not receiving/processing SNMP traps?


SIM not receiving/processing SNMP traps?

I've seen this happen occassionally, and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen it or has any comments.

Every so often, SIM will go awhile where it reports no new events (SNMP traps) even though checking some individual managed servers I'll see that some were sent. I'll recycle the SIM services and suddenly it will start receiving traps. The one server I looked at today was sending failed fan traps from 12:30pm until 3:30pm, only none were shown in SIM until after I recycled the service (SIM service, not SNMP Trap) after 3:00.

The server is running Windows 2003 SP1, Systems Insight Manager 5.0 with SP4.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM not receiving/processing SNMP traps?

Which is it? not receiving or processing?

If a server generates an SNMP Trap and SNMP on that server is correctly configured then the trap should be sent to HPSIM. In that case an event will be generated.
That would indicate that HPSIM received the trap.

The processing is the next step, what do you expect to see?
There is an issue where custom commands stop running. We use these to format and e-mail event notifications and these stop. Look in the All Tasks section and you may see jobs at 0% complete.
This is supposed to be fixed with SP5.

Re: SIM not receiving/processing SNMP traps?

Ok, let me try explaining this a different way.

My managed servers are sending SNMP traps to the SIM server. They show up as Events. Standard process one would expect to see in a mostly out of the box deployment of SIM.

Every so often, I'll notice that SIM will be showing no new Events for a period of time Usually more then a day once I've noticed it. In this most recent case I was out of the office for most of last week and so should have seen hundreds of events based on past performance. I returned to 10 uncleared events. Mostly generated by SIM itself, as opposed to events received from managed servers. I double checked to make sure they weren't already cleared by some process, which was not the case.

I restarted the SNMP Trap service. Received nothing. 30 minutes later, restarted the SIM servers, all of a sudden I started seeing new Events (snmp traps) from managed servers. From the fact that they did not start to show up until the SIM server was restarted, I'm inferring the problem was with the application rather then the OS or SNMP service.

I checked the Event Logs on one of the managed servers that was now sending SNMP traps, and discovered it had actually been sending them for several hours, SIM just wasn't "seeing them". Again, I'm inferring from the fact that they started showing up after the SIM service was restarted that it was SIM with some sort of issue.

Now, I didn't check at the time to be sure that the server running SIM was receiving the SNMP traps and they truly were getting lost somewhere internal to that server. I'm just inferring that from the circumstances surrounding them appearing again, so I could be wrong. That's why I'm looking for feedback from others.

I wish this was something I could readily duplicate, but at the moment it's not. However if anyone has an particular troubleshooting advice for next time, I'll gladly make a note and try it when it occurs again. (Usually only happens every several weeks, couple months.)