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SIM reports not as robust as IM7 was. Maybe??

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SIM reports not as robust as IM7 was. Maybe??

I'm running SIM 5.0 with the 7.41 agents.
I'm running MSDE as the database. Ionly I monitor 200 servers.

I'd like run run reports picking random categories IE: a report with the systems hard drive utilization and also have the contact information. The report would show all the items across a page in one row.

For instance I want disk utilization and contact information in one row When I run a report it produces 2 separate reports. I'd like to have the contact information show up in the same row as the server it pertains to. Is there a way to accomplish this?

If I can't do the above with SIM is there a third party report writer that will work with MSDE?

Thanks in advance
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM reports not as robust as IM7 was. Maybe??

The information is from quite separate tables, the closest you'd get would be to select the "Show each system in a separate table", which at least groups the information better.

You can access the database yourself using any ODBC tool, e.g. MS excel via MSQuery.
Any other database reporting tools could be used to extract the particular data you require.

Re: SIM reports not as robust as IM7 was. Maybe??

Question answered to 100% satisfaction.