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SIM shows different Health Status than iLO

Dirk Frey

SIM shows different Health Status than iLO

The issue occurs in SIM 7.1and 7.3.

SIM shows for some servers a degraded Management Processor Health Status.

But when i connect to iLO, it shows Health Status OK.

These iLOs are version 4 and configured to SNMP Agentless Management.


Does anyone have an idea to solving this issue?


Best regards,



Honored Contributor

Re: SIM shows different Health Status than iLO

Hello Dirk,


What model are the servers that get this error ? Could be that the SNMP or WBEM provider can't read the status of the server correctly. Some errors are not seen when WBEM is selected as a data provider in the System Management Homepage. You could try to select SNMP as a data source and see if you can see the error. (you can switch back to WBEM if the problem is solved)Most of the time that's an error in the log part of the server. IML to be exact.

 The ILO can only see SNMP events/errors the OSses like Windows can use WBEM.


If that does not help let me know.



Kind regards,

Dirk Frey

Re: SIM shows different Health Status than iLO

Thanks Andrew.


The Servers are DL360 Gen 8.

Please don't focus to the oprating system.

For some reasons I just want to gather the system health with iLO in agentless mode.

My Question is: Why does the SIM show a different Health Staus of iLO than iLO itself?


Best regards,