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SIM triggers firewal on port 1024

Beat Tischhauser
Occasional Contributor

SIM triggers firewal on port 1024

we have configured SIM 5.0 to poll systems placed in dmz. Our firewall reports daily the following event:
"09/03/2006 16:06:25.800 - Alert - Intrusion Prevention - Net Spy attack dropped -, 3580, X0 -, 1024, X2 - ".
We suppose that the alerts are triggered by the insight manager tests. Has anyone the same problem solved, do I need to change the firewall ports or give them free? Thanks for help.

Kind regards Beat
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM triggers firewal on port 1024

I'm not aware that HPSIM uses that port, there's a document at the following address that covers HPSIM and Firewalls.