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SIM with MSA 1000

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SIM with MSA 1000

Hi, Can anybody help me I installed the SIM in my Server HP L2000 and it is connected to a MSA 1000 and I don't know how to find the MSA through the SIM
Matt Bomar
Occasional Contributor

Re: SIM with MSA 1000

I have one attached to a DL380G4 and it shows up on the Data Collection Report link.
fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM with MSA 1000


If you consider managing the MSA as a unique device in HPSIM (just like a server), you need to install an SMI-S provider on a server which is connected to the MSA. I am talking here about a fibre connection.(more detais Here : )

If the msa is connected through SCSI, then the msa will not appear as a stand alone device. You will see in the System management Homepage of the server on which the MSA is connected the drives created on the MSA. You should also be able to monitor the performance of the MSA with PMP aka performance management pack.

One question though...Have you installed HP SIM on a netserver LC 2000 or on a laptop L2000 ? ;-)

Keep in mind that HP SIM is supported on a netserver but Note: HP Netserver platforms can be used for the CMS as long as the Instant Toptools software is not installed and all other requirements are :



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Chris Wong_1

Re: SIM with MSA 1000

This link might help as well, even though it's for an MSA 1500. But you'll get the idea...