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SIM5.2 + duplicate server entires

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SIM5.2 + duplicate server entires

A couple people have asked before but there has been no solution and my troubleshooting with HP has not helped.

We are getting multiple entries for the same host in SIM5.2. When we turn off the "Automatically discover a system when an event is received from it", the issue stops but that option is supposed to check if the IP is registered in HPSIM before creating a new system (per the tech doc). It appears to not be doing this and creates duplicate entries anyways.

Has anybody else encountered this and what was your solution? Thanks
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Re: SIM5.2 + duplicate server entires

We had similar problems with SIM5.2 in a Windows environment.

They occured as I remember if there were more than one IP address related to the server (like MS cluster service cluster and NLB nodes).

Sometimes we saw more than one entry or did not saw the physical machine but parts of the cluster instead.

These states caused even SQL Studio Express data base corruption in our case.

We were adviced to switch off automatic discovery and to use manual discovery only.