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SIM5 and EVA 8000

Kevin Kelling
Super Advisor

SIM5 and EVA 8000

We had SIM5 and EVA5000 working just fine, using the CPQHSV110.MIB which is included with SIM.

We just migrated to an EVA8000, which of course is an HSV210.

Noticing many changes in alerts -- first of all there are now many alerts that we do not get, despite that we even tried turing ALL alerts on from Command View, using the same method as what worked in the 5000.

Not only are we not getting messages for quite a few events that we have subscibed to, but when we do get events from SIM, it always says "HSV110" in the message, but the EVA 8000 is an HSV210! I looked everywhere but could not find a MIB for HSV210.

Running SIM5 SP5 on Windows 2003. Any ideas would be appreciated. Again, this was working fine with the EVA 5000 and just want to re-create that functionality with the 8000.