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SIM7.3 and version control

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SIM7.3 and version control



I've been really struggling with the SIM installation but have finally cracked most of it, the only outstanding task I have is getting the version control to work.


The VCRM and SIM are on the same box and initially I hadn't installed the VCA anywhere as servers were reporting their software version status.  However when I tried to perform an 'update to baseline' it would error after a few minutes with no indication as to why it failed.

I had seen conflicting information whether VCA was needed if you were updating through SIM, so I thought I'd better install that as well.  However trying the update again I either get 'VCA not found' or 'agent trust issue'.


Another bug bear is version control is giving odd software status where its not able to match identical driver versions, or even SIM reports minor status while the VCA says its all green.