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SIM75 April 2016 Hotfix Removing System Types

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SIM75 April 2016 Hotfix Removing System Types

Upgraded our HPSIM 7.3 to 7.5 and applied the SIM75 April 2016 hotfix and found that some of our system types were no longer available.  Did a clean install of HPSIM 7.5 on a new server and found that the system types were there.  Just applied the April 2016 hotfix and the system types have been changed. 

Specifically, "Environmental Monitor" has been changed to "HP Link Module".  This shows up under Options > Manage System Types.  The "HP CMC" product is now being identified as "HP Link Module".  Unfortunately, we have collections set based on "Environmental Monitor" and those are no longer working.

I see nothing in the hotfix description file about the system type change. 

Is there any fix other than changing the system types for all of our APC management modules and redoing our collections?  I don't see anything in the description that talks about uninstalling the hotfix.



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Re: SIM75 April 2016 Hotfix Removing System Types

You can't uninstall the hotfix after installing.

Sounds like you might need to redo the collections..