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SMH not showing up in SIM for DL385 G1

Niall Flynn
Occasional Visitor

SMH not showing up in SIM for DL385 G1


I have 2 problems relating to SMH, SIM on esx servers.

The first one is that when I try and replicate agent setting from a working server to one that is not working I am advised that the server is not trusted. I click the link to fill in the details for the trust to work and yet the same problem persists. Can someone guide me on the setup of Trusts between SIM and esx servers.

The second problem is with 2 of my esx server running on DL385 G1 hardware with 7.9 of the agents installed on the esx server.
I can add these servers to the SIM server and it will report the model and other details from the snmp config. However I am not able to get a link which will allow me to connect to smh on the server via sim. If I connected directly to the servers smh url and port number that is working ok. I need SIM to be the central console for management and therefore need the link within Sim.

Hope all this makes sence. Thanks for any help in advance.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: SMH not showing up in SIM for DL385 G1

The identification phase does rely on snmp being correct and that's often one of the stumbling blocks. The following link has a discussion on the snmp config. Check that and rerun an identification task.
I've got ESX on DL385G1s using 7.91 of the agents and it does work.