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SMH on ESX 3.5 / SIM integration

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SMH on ESX 3.5 / SIM integration

I have a question about setting up HP SIM management agents on ESX servers. I am new ESX but I have been using HP SIM to manage my Windows servers for a number of years. I am setting up ESX 3.5 on 4 HP Proliant DL380 G5s. I installed ESX and then I used RPM to install the HP Systems management Home Page (hpsmh-2.1.9-178.linux.i386.rpm) and I did the configuration using pearl according to the SMH-userGuide.pdf. These are my questions / issues.

1) The configuration of SMH went OK except when it came to installing the certificate. I entered the name of the SIM server and also tried entering the UNC of the server and in both cases it could not find it. The ESX server is connected to the network as I can access it via the network via VIC and WinSCP. How do I install the certificate? The instructions instruct me to “B. Enter the file path of the trusted certificates to be added to the Trusted
Certificates List”. I am unclear on this, am I supposed to copy the certificate from SIM to my ESX server first?

2) My ESX server shows up under SIM as unmanaged and it is not picking up the product name or OS. I want to be able to have SIM fully manage the server as it does my windows servers sending me alerts such as power supplies are no longer redundant and disk quotas are reached. This is not happening, I tried unplugging one of the power supplies and it did not register in SIM. How do I fully integrate this server into SIM? Some of the HP documentation seemed to be saying I needed to install a web browser on the ESX box, is that correct? I did install Firefox 2 but I have no way of running it without a GUI.

Anyway, I am here asking because I find the HP documentation fragmented and unclear.

Rob Buxton
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Re: SMH on ESX 3.5 / SIM integration

The HP Agents should be installed using a shell script - not directly via the RPM.

The PSP tar file comes with an example config file, which if edited can be used in a silent install sets up snmp for you.

With the install you've done you don't have snmp set up correctly (or maybe not at all) and HPSIM needs that to ID the server.

There have been a number of posts in this forum on this - included will be some snmp.conf examples.