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Re: SMH question

Dan DeCoursey
Regular Advisor

SMH question

I have a ML350G8 its my first G8

on my SMH the data source is WBEM and you cant select  SNMP

SNMP is gray'd out

what gives ?  my SNMP services  are configured and running just like all my other Proliants......


On my SIM CM it had discorved this new G8 and has it in the "all devices" group  If I do a manual dioscovery on it it fails with major problems stating it cant communicate with this box   it doems know the model oe any of the stuff it should be able to pick up



I have that new Agentless service turned on but dont know how that works.....I thought that was just a helper service for iLo



Hers a pinch to grow an inch
Frequent Advisor

Re: SMH question

Agentless monitoring and the according service enable to do all monitoring/SNMP  via the iLO interface. This takes away port/firewall requirements for the server 'production' NIC(s) and enables full monitoring capabilities using only one interface.

To monitor Gen8 servers the 'traditional way', where the agents pull info from iLO and OS and snmp is handled by the OS, aditionnal configuration is required. (SNMP passthrough).


Dan DeCoursey
Regular Advisor

Re: SMH question

So if you go the "agentless "route....then you must have the iLo port up and running and cablled into the network?

at this point I have not physically patched my iLo port in


Hers a pinch to grow an inch