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SMH silent install problem


SMH silent install problem

I've run into a problem when trying to install SMH via the "silent install" option on Windows 2008 servers.


I've already created the answer file (setup.iss) and execute from a command prompt (lauched as administrator):


setup.exe /s /f1setup.iss   (where setup.iss is located in the same directory as the setup file).


Nothing happens.   An hour glass flashes briefly, then . . . nothing.  No install, and more importantly, nothing's logging anywhere that indicates what's going on.   The same problem occurs if I include full paths in the above install line.


The smh_installer log that generates on the root of the system drive has NOTHING in it for today's date (it was already present from a previous install a couple of months ago).  The Windows application and system log have nothing for the time stamps when the install was initiated.


If I simply initiate the installer from outside of the command line and install the via the GUI, it works fine.  It's not a downgrade or same version install, as I'm going from to


I haven't been able to track down any information about SMH's setup.exe command line parameters on the web. 


Any ideas?




Re: SMH silent install problem

So . . . 


All documentation points to running the install with "setup.exe", which does indeed exist when you extract the files.


I noticed that there's also an "smhsetup.exe" in there too.   When I run with the install with THAT instance, it works.


Something so excruciatingly simple, yet lousy documentation sends you down the wrong path.

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Re: SMH silent install problem

U need to exctract the component Cpxx.exe to get the setup.exe file ..

the silent upgrade using the command setup.exe /s \f1 setup.iss worked on my windows box