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SMI-S Provider Error

Occasional Contributor

SMI-S Provider Error

Hi all,


i installed HP-SIM on a virtual maschine. I use VMWare 5.0 and the Host is a Win2008 R2 (English) Operating System.

After the Installation i started the SIM and discoverd my Systems. Now i have the Problem, that our MSA 2000 G2 is not correctly discoverd.


I downloaded the SMI-S Proxy Provider for Windows Ver. and tried to install. After hiting the install Button an Error Message Pops Up. "Smart Component execution not supported at this time in Server Virtualized Guest operating systems"

Can someone Help me how to install the SMI-S Provider.


Thanks in advance !!!

Occasional Contributor

Re: SMI-S Provider Error

I found the answer for my Problem !

I always tried to install the SMI-S Proxy Provider Ver

Now i found out that this Ver. doesn´t work with Win 2008 R2.

Finally i installed the Ver. and this one worked.