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SMS Paging solution for non TAP SMSC

So Def
Frequent Advisor

SMS Paging solution for non TAP SMSC

I have had some trouble sending alerts via SMS.
The paging option within SIM only uses the TAP protocol. None of the telecom providers in my country is supporting this protocol. I have seen various posts of people who have the same problem that's why I am posting this solution.

We want to use the GSM alert only for critical alerts e.g. automatic server shutdown due to overheat. Our on call support will be alerted outside office hours via sms?

I am using a 3rd party software called pagegate to contact my telecom provider via a normal modem.
Pagegate provides support for both UCP and TAP. The reason for pagegate is that it has a command line option which is needed for scripting the alert.

I made a simple batch file called sndsms.bat which simply lets pagegate creates an asci file with the sms messagse and places it in a temp directory. The pagegate server is setup to look every 5 seconds for asci files in the temp and if one found it will send it via sms.

SIM is setup to send both an email alert and run a custom command. The custom commond will run the batch file but not directly. It will call upon a VB Script which will launch the batch file. I noticed that if I call the batch directly from SIM it was not very reliabe. Launching the batch sndsms.bat via the vbscript works best. Enclosed you will find the batch and vbs file.
Hope you will find this helpfull, if you have any additional Q's feel free to ask.

Rob van Endt
Occasional Advisor

Re: SMS Paging solution for non TAP SMSC

Hi So Def.

Thanks for your article on HP SIM and SMS. I completed all of the steps that you explain and it works really well (using PageGate etc.)

I just need to figure out how to send the actual HP SIM message with all of the variable content instead of just a basic message that is the same every time. How do you get the HP SIM Event content to go to PageGate ?

Maybe I am missing something ?


Re: SMS Paging solution for non TAP SMSC

hi , i install hp sim6 and hp psp for centos i want to receive my server critical error via email what should i do ?
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: SMS Paging solution for non TAP SMSC

Hesam, It's best to start a new thread as that does not really relate to this thread. HP SIM has a configuration where you tell it where your e-mail server is (under Options->Event Handling)
Rob, I trust you've since found that HPSIM passes a number of variables loaded with data through to custom commands. I've used perl in the past and it's quite easy to format messages and send them on.
Rob van Endt
Occasional Advisor

Re: SMS Paging solution for non TAP SMSC

Hi Rob. Yes, thanks. I noticed that a range of variables are available. Working well with PageGate and cellular modem.