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SNMP(Dell PowerEdge 6850) - Linux

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SNMP(Dell PowerEdge 6850) - Linux

All I have managed to compile and register the mib for the Dell servers to allow SNMP traps to work and I see from this forum there have been a number who haev completed the same.

However on testing the snmp trap I removed a kettle lead from the PSU and the traps found their destination (CMS), but for a period of approx 1 minute removal/replacement I received over 300 snmp traps, which is way too many!

Does anyone know that has worked with Dell/Linux how to amend the way the agent on the server works ie poll for status change rather than poll in seconds. This is the only explaination I can find as to why I would recieve so many alerts.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I have posted a similar question on the Dell website also, so far no response.