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SNMP Trap Forwarding

Kenan Cakir
Occasional Advisor

SNMP Trap Forwarding


I am using a task, that if a problem occures, the report shall be forwarded as an SNMP Trap to another server, where I am running a monitoring application called "Advanced Host Monitor" by KS-Soft.

Everything is working fine except to one thing:

The Host Monitor does not show me the event message from HP SIM. So for example the HP SIM event is "System is unreachable", now my aim is that in Host Monitor will be displayed "System is unreachable", too. He only shows me the OID or the hostname or the trap type or sth else, but not the message "System is unreachable".

Do I have to configure sth. in HP SIM?

Best regards
Kenan Cakir (Germany)
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: SNMP Trap Forwarding

In the case of where HP SIM polls and finds a server not responding, it's HP SIM itself that generates the event. No snmp traps are involved.
You would need to look at generating something via the Event Handling mechanism to send something on to the monitoring server.
Volker J.
Occasional Advisor

Re: SNMP Trap Forwarding

Hi Cakir.

We sent our traps from HPSIM to Nagios.
We have created a Task in Options -> Events -> Automatic Event Handling

View Definition: Nagios - System health
Task name: Nagios - System health
Owner: DOMAIN\svcxxxxxx

Time filter: None defined

Event collection: Important Events
severity is Critical
severity is Major

System collection: All Systems
All Systems

Forward as SNMP trap To: nagios.domain.local


Kenan Cakir
Occasional Advisor

Re: SNMP Trap Forwarding

Hello Rob!

I tested it with a "real" event. So I pulled out a hard disk from the related server and the event type in hp sim is "(SNMP) Physical Drive Status Change (3046)"

No success. Again the Monitoring Application only shows me the Hostname. My aim is that it displays "(SNMP) Physical Drive Status Change (3046)", too.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: SNMP Trap Forwarding

Is HP SIM reporting the event correctly?

If it then sends on the SNMP Trap to Nagios, then from there it's up to Nagios to be able to interpret the SNMP Trap.
For that you'd need to ensure the required MIBs are loaded into Nagios.
An SNMP Trap is very basic, it's the MIB that gives the detail at the receiving end.
Occasional Visitor

Re: SNMP Trap Forwarding

I am new to HPSIM/Nagios, and I need to forward HP SIM traps to Nagios.

How do you handle Nagios part? Do you have some kind of documentation that would help me out with nagios traps receiving ?



Laurent MARTIN
Honored Contributor

Re: SNMP Trap Forwarding

Run a network trace and see the format of the snmp traps that SIM is forwarding. Check the OID is present. Then you'll most likely need to register the SIM MIBS with the other application so it can decode the traps.

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