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SNMP Trap events not appearing in SIM

Simon Payne_1
Occasional Visitor

SNMP Trap events not appearing in SIM

SNMP Trap events from client servers are not appearing in SIM.

I have used the smtputil trap command and a program called "SNMP Trap Watcher" and both show that the traps are being received by SIM Server.

I have seen a few other posts regarding this same issue but have none have provided me with a solution.

I have tried sending test traps using Management Homepage and ILO homepage from clients. I have also tried removing a disk from an array on a client and no events are generated.

The only events generated in SIM are from the server itself (failed logins, system unreachable etc)

There are no NATd IP addresses involved.

The SNMP Trap service is running on both server and client. The same community names are set on both server and clients.
The server is set to accept SNMP packets from any host.
The client trap destination is set to be the server.
What should the server trap settings be set to?

Can anyone assist as to why these events are not appearing in HP SIM?

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: SNMP Trap events not appearing in SIM

In Options --> Events you can set HP SIM to 'accept unregistered traps.' If you do that and the traps are then received, it means that HP SIM does not have a MIB that matches the events and so was discarding them.
Simon Payne_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: SNMP Trap events not appearing in SIM

This has now been resolved.

Although I was stopping another service which was using port 162, I was not restarting the SIM service on the server.

events are now coming though ok.
Valued Contributor

Re: SNMP Trap events not appearing in SIM

Check if u have SNMP enabled in globalprotocolsettings?
I think u dont have it enabled :). You wont recieve any events if you dont have that option checked in globalprotocolsettings page.