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SNMP Trap log message missing in Payload

Brandon Pembo
Occasional Advisor

SNMP Trap log message missing in Payload

Problem description :
I am running IpSwitch Whats Up gold V11 Network Monitoring software. And I am attempting to monitor my HP Proliant servers. I have the agents installed on the server as they were installed in the Pro Pack 8 I installed. When I pulled a Hard Drive out of the server, it sent the trap 3034 to the
moniotoring system, however, I do not believe I am receiving the full trap. This is what I am receving as payload with the sent

TrapMajor=6 TrapMinor=3034
cpqDaCntlrHwLocation.2=Slot 0
Packet Type=Trap
Protocol Version=SNMPv1
Timetick=1days 17:53:31.40 cpqDaLogDrvStatus.2.1=5 0
Object= (compaq)

Ipswitch support informs me that I should be getting some more descriptive text from my Proliant server in that trap's payload. According to the MIB, as well as the HP SNMP Traps reference guide, I should receive a message to the effect of:

Logical Drive number %5 on the array controller in %4 has a new status of %2.

As you can see from the payload I pasted above, that text is not being sent from the Proliant device. I called HP support Friday, and I was told to call Microsoft. The genteleman was very appologetic about the fact he could not assist me. However, I am afraid he did not have all of the above facts. It
is my opinion that Microsoft has informed me the data being sent via Microsoft SNMP service is reliant on the sub-services (Agents) provided my HP.

does anyone out there have any idea why the HP SNMP agents would leave out the log message. This message is vital to our monitoring. Knowing there is an issue with a disk drive in my array is great, but unless I know which drive...and what its exact status is, it's kind of useless.

Brandon C. Pembo
Brandon Pembo
Occasional Advisor

Re: SNMP Trap log message missing in Payload

Yes, I compiled the Mibs on the Ipswitch server. The Mib in question is cpqIDA.mib. And I can locate your reference material in the Mib residing on the network monitoring server. However, I cannot locate that MIB on the Proliant server (origin of the trap)

You're suggesting that the translation takes place on the receiving end of the trap and not the sending end? In other words, the trap as it appears in my previous post is proper. The monitoring software (IpSwitch) should read that trap, reference the MIB and translate it to plain English?

I have called the tech support for IPswitch (the monitoring software in question) and they insist that the message should be sent in/with the trap from the Proliant server's SNMP agents.