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SNMP Traps for Cisco ASA

Sean Lyons
Occasional Visitor

SNMP Traps for Cisco ASA

I recently installed SIM 5.3 SP1 and for the most part it is working great. I am having a problem with pulling information from a couple of Cisco ASAs we have. When I do the discover on their IPs they show up however no information is provided about the devices. The only information that is there is the IP address and in the "Management Protocols" section it shows Cisco. The device shows up as unknown also.

I thought I found the proper MIB to load into SIM. The MIB is CISCO-PRODUCTS-MIB.my which I renamed to CISCO-PRODUCTS-MIB.mib and then ran the mxmib -t on it. It said the command completed successfully. I then restarted the HP Systems Insight Manager service and re-ran the Identify. Unfortunately the outcome was the same prior to loading this MIB. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or missing?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: SNMP Traps for Cisco ASA

The MIBs are for interpreting any traps sent from the device, not for identification.

There are a number of Cisco devices that will, if SNMP is correctly set on the cisco, allow HPSIM to ID the device.
So, ensure the HPSIM is allows access via the snmp settings.
If it's not in the devices that can be ID'd then you can create a new device type under the Manage System Types - sorry at home so can't give the full path under options.

Search the forum though as this has been asked before.