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SNMP Versions

John Frickson
Occasional Advisor

SNMP Versions

I have a device that uses SNMP v2c, and HP SIM reports it doesn't support SNMP, and it doesn't display traps sent from the device.

Doesn't SIM support v2c?
Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: SNMP Versions

SNMP supports both read and write (GET and SET) commands on attributes. Some vendors do not support
the SET command because of the potential to allow an unauthorized person to alter critical parameters on
a network element. HP SIM primarily only uses the SNMP GET command.
SNMP is associated with TCP/IP and used for monitoring systems on Ethernet networks because of its long
association with the Internet.
Since its inception, SNMP itself has undergone several updates, including SNMP V2c and SNMP V3. HP
SIM supports the original V1-compliant agents and the compilation of V1 and V2 MIBs. SNMP uses UDP
port 161 for monitoring systems, while traps are received on port 162.
If your CMS is an HP-UX or Linux system, HP SIM might need to co-exist with other applications using port
162. To accomplish this, use the following procedure to assign HP SIM to use a different port.

From:HP Systems Insight Manager 5.1 User Guide...PAGE 504
John Frickson
Occasional Advisor

Re: SNMP Versions

Yes, I saw that in the users manual before. It mentions v2c and v3, but doesn't say it supports them. It says it supports v1 and "the compilation of V1 and V2 MIBs" whatever THAT means. (v2 and v2c are actually different, aren't they?)

To restate my original question again:

"Identify Systems" says the v2c device doesn't support SNMP. SIM doesn't show the traps (yes, I ran mcompile and mxmib on the device's MIB file).

Does HP SIM support v2c? If so, how do I get it to work?