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SNMP data renewal

Occasional Contributor

SNMP data renewal

SNMP agents (according to RFC1156) on all machines have some common variables, such as sysLocation, sysContact etc. HP SIM reads those vars when discovering system. But it looks like changes in agent properties (sysContact or sysLocation) are never reflected in HP SIM database. Subsequent attempts to "identify" or "discover" the existing system do not change anything inside SIM DB. Only delete and discover "helps". But this is unaccepatable because settings tends to change ...
Can anyone help with this problem ?

PS: we use these parameters to filter systems from a lot of locations
Michael Leu
Honored Contributor

Re: SNMP data renewal

On the system properties page in SIM there is a checkbox called "Prevent the Discovery, Identification and Data Collection processes from changing these system properties".

Is this perhaps active on your systems?