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Re: SNMP problems with Linux Devices.

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SNMP problems with Linux Devices.


I have 2 linux servers (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.8 (Tikanga)). Those servers are DL360 G8. They have installed de hp agents, the healt service, etc. When i test the conection in HP SIM Managed comunications i have an error in event section:


The error message is:

The HP SIM Central Management Server may not be on the managed system(s)' SNMP trap destination list, so no events will be received from the system(s).

I test the comunication with snmpwalk in the client and in HP SIM Server. The communication is good.

Software installed in linux server:

HP SIM Server version: Systems Insight Manager 7.3.0 - Windows.

Anyone with the same problem?

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Re: SNMP problems with Linux Devices.



You can read the SNMP config of the remote server, but the remote server has to be configured to set it's traps to the SIM server. The communicty can be Public and the destination should be the SIM server. So in short you need to configure read access and destination trap. 

Syntax : trap  CommunityName  IPAddress

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Re: SNMP problems with Linux Devices.



I do not understand that you want to say. My SNMP configuration file is as follows:


I've tried to add the line I've said and still does not work. I'm back to running the configuration script to clean the testing configuration file. That line should add to make it work?