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(SNMP) symSCSI7: The SCSI Device has Failed.


(SNMP) symSCSI7: The SCSI Device has Failed.

Have an autloader/tape drive unit connected to a server running Windows Server 2003.  We had to replace the autoloader due to a hardware failure, and change the SCSI reservations on the unit to get it to work with our backup software.


Now we are getting the following error every ½ hour from HPSIM.  I know it's because SIM is looking for the unit on the 'old' SCSI ID, but how do I delete this old information and make SIM see the new IDs?




Re: (SNMP) symSCSI7: The SCSI Device has Failed.

Bump -- can somebody please help?  I have a ticket open with HP Support, but they're not responding to my requests for an update.  


The SCSI ID for the tape drive & autoloader  was 3 and 4, respectively.  Now the drive is 4 and the autoloader is 5, but HPSIM is still looking for the autoloader on 3, and giving me an error saying the device is missing.


How can I update the Insight Agent so that it's reporing the correct SCSI ID's??



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Re: (SNMP) symSCSI7: The SCSI Device has Failed.


SIM doesn't exactly look for anything. It simply applies rules to SNMP traps received. The agents on the 2003 server must be sending traps so have you tried restarting them? If that fails, you may have to repair them to pick up the new drive.



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