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SNMP test trap issue


SNMP test trap issue

hi all,

I am trying to send the snmp test trap via hp management agent window in control panle. i am getting the management agent error . ( Attached is the screnshot for thr referaenc.

server is BL480c . windows 2003 sp2
terminal server
psp 7.90

Has anybody seen this error ?
Honored Contributor

Re: SNMP test trap issue

Is it not indicating that the SNMP Service (Trap Service) may not be running on the target node



Re: SNMP test trap issue

thanks for the reply.

you mean to say that we have to start snmptrap service ?
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: SNMP test trap issue

No, that seems to be saying one of the HP Agents themselves is not running.

The snmptrap service is used for receiving traps, typically it's not running, but would be running on the HPSIM server itself.

I'd check the event logs to see what services are failing.

When you installed this server was it built from Smart Start, or has the entire PSP been installed since?
Installing just parts of the PSP i.e. just the agents can produce unpredictable results.