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Re: SOAP ports and firewall

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SOAP ports and firewall



do the "SOAP" ports for HP SIM (50001 -> 50003) need to be opened in the firewall from managed devices to the SIM server? Or are they just used locally by SIM?

I could not find a conclusive answer on this in HP SIM documentation :(


thanks in advance for your swift response!



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Re: SOAP ports and firewall

Yes. On the CMS these ports needs to be opened.


PFA: Whitepaper on the same.

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Re: SOAP ports and firewall


yes that is what i found in the documentation too; it should be 'opened on the CMS' !


However, that document  (HP Systems Insight Manager 7.2 Installation and Configuration Guide for Microsoft Windows)

refers to Windows firewall, which by default also might block connections to the local server if the connection is made using the IP/hostname of the server (instead of localhost/127.0.01).


Other documentation found (Understanding HP Systems Insight Manager security) has a nice table, which mentions the ports need to be open for incoming thafic for the CMS, but has no relating configuration listed for the monitored devices.


I need confirmation on my findings because I will be installing SIM in a heavily firewalled and segmented network and they absolutely require a design to be approved before I can even get hardware to install SIM on (no room for trail and error, nor for unused ports opened) :/ 

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Re: SOAP ports and firewall

Yes please, I also need this information for my multi data center environment as well.

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