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Re: SW Unknown HPSIM7.3

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SW Unknown HPSIM7.3

Hey All,


I ave HPSIM 7.3 installed which is monitoring SNMP for all of my devices which seems to work fine, however, software portion doesn't work at all. I have tried assigning baselines than run data collection and software pull but no luck software is still unknow.


I am able to see current installed software via HPSIM but it doesn't show latest software available. 


Can someone shed some light on this please? Its getting frustrating going in loops over and over.



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Re: SW Unknown HPSIM7.3


Are your server Windows or Linux. The Windows servers should if possible be dicovered with WBEM. Look if all software is seen when you look at installed software. Did you use the software firmware baselines in SIM. Could you show a picture of the screen you see this. I've also battled with the software status that seemed to return to a question icon after beeing green before.
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Re: SW Unknown HPSIM7.3

Are you using the version control agent (VCA)?  There is some additional setup required to get that all working.  It's going to be in the Version Control Repository section of the admin guide.