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SW icon is not working in HPSIM 5.2


SW icon is not working in HPSIM 5.2

After the installation and upgrade of hpsim 5.1 to Hpsim 5.2, software polling seems no longer work to the VCA agent.
THE SW icon in HPSIM give a question check mark and are in absolutely no manner to get in another status. The managed system is configered very well with the right certificated and SNMP settings. Every onboard services needed for this configuration is started. With HPSIM 5.1 I never had this situation.And if I check Managed connections in HPSIM, than everything is colored green, even the VCA trust.
I think that it something is structural in HPSIM 5.2

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Tjebbe W

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Rob Buxton
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Re: SW icon is not working in HPSIM 5.2

The VCA accesses the VCRM using credentials. It needs the trust to work as well.

Can you bring up the VCA page itself? If it is not correctly configured to talk to the vcrm it should come up just listing the versions of what's installed on the server.
There's an option in the VCA to change the credentials in order to connect to the VCRM.

Re: SW icon is not working in HPSIM 5.2

I had one server giving the same error (out of 150+) this server was also showed that there was no trust with the CMS. The snmp and cert where ok but I re-applied the snmp setting and readded the cert. After a rescan trust and Software Status OK.

is there more to this box of bits???