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Scheduled suspend and Resume monitoring use cases.

Occasional Contributor

Scheduled suspend and Resume monitoring use cases.

Hi Team,


From HP SIM , I am seeing an option to suspend or resume monitoring a particular system managed by SIM server.

Also we can schedule suspend/resume task.


I want to know all the use cases where scheduled suspend or resume task is useful.

For example one of the use case is , during firmware upgrade i can do scheduled suspend for few mins and later this get resumed. Like this , i want to know all the possible use cases where scheduled resume/suspend monitor is helpful.





Honored Contributor

Re: Scheduled suspend and Resume monitoring use cases.

The suspend and resume from monitoring can be usefull when you are firmware updating your server. Some events can be triggered when you update the ILO for instance. Suspending task can be a workaround when your system is low on resources. This can only fixed by upgrading your hardware but that would be the only senario that i could think of.



Kind regards,

Occasional Contributor

Re: Scheduled suspend and Resume monitoring use cases.

Thanks . Do we have any other usecase where suspend/resume will be very useful?

Trusted Contributor

Re: Scheduled suspend and Resume monitoring use cases.

We sometimes suspend monitoring on a system if we know it will take some time to repair the issue, to stop new events from constantly generating.  If you have SIM generating tickets for a service desk, it can be annoying to generate new tickets on an existing hardware condition.  Then, once the issue is fully resolved, monitoring can be resumed.


Another case would be for testing/buildouts when a system is not fully in production and someone is still making hardware changes to it.