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Second SIM 5.0 Server

Gene Nordahl
Valued Contributor

Second SIM 5.0 Server

I've been tasked with building out a second SIM 5.0 server for our DR site.

I've customized my current server quite a bit (Collections, System types, Mibs, Events, Event handling, etc).

Is there an easy way to copy over these customizations to the new system or I'm I going to be stuck re-creating everything manually?

Aravindh Rajaram
Honored Contributor

Re: Second SIM 5.0 Server

I would say that this is actually possible but it takes some big effort.

First do a fresh installation of SIM on your new setup. Note down the CMS device key value from the globalsettings.props file. Stop the HPSIM service on the new CMS. Then replace the contents of the new database (tables and views) with that of the existing one. Then replace the files present in the "config", "mibs" and "tools" directory present in the install directory of the new SIM with that of the old SIM. And then edit the CMS device key value in globalsettings.props file to the one that you have noted down earlier. Update in the devices table and ipaddress table of the database and make sure that the device key of the new CMS and its mapping in the ip address table stays in sync with the value that is present in the globalsettings.props file. Finally follow the instructions in the "After Changing the IP Address and the Hostname of the CMS " section of the file available at
as if you have changed the existing CMS Name.

Thats it! This should most probably do the things that you wanted to do.
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Second SIM 5.0 Server

Alas you'll need to do it manually.

But you may want to take the opportunity to configure things so they only take into account the DR Servers and use only DR resources (e.g. E-mail Servers).

I've ended up with quite a small subset of HPSIM functionality at DR, mainly because I wan t the basics to work if we need to invoke DR. I'd add more alerting as other Services were put back online.
muhammed naeem
Occasional Advisor

Re: Second SIM 5.0 Server

Has any one tried the suggestions?
Mikael Rönnbäck
Super Advisor

Re: Second SIM 5.0 Server

An alternate method would maybe be to set the DR server up as a clustered solution ? HPSIM does support clustering and there's a whitepaper on how to set it up somewhere at It's quite detailed on the initial setup, upgrading the patches is sometimes a little more tricky but with a good backup in hand they usually are no problems.