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Second SIM server in another Geo


Second SIM server in another Geo

pros and cons of implementing HP SIM in another geo Vs using the SIM server of HQ over WAN if I just want to enable the basic functionality like hardware alerts, ILO access, etc. ?


Also the things to be taken into consideration if at all we decide to go with the second server in another geo along with the existing SIM server at HQ to have both in sync with each other?




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Re: Second SIM server in another Geo

SIM can be quite chatty is the performance features are enabled on the agents i.e... CPU/Pagefile/Disk busy alerts. Also, SNMP is not secure so wouldn't advise it on a public WAN unless some encryption is being used particularly is you are using write communities as a misconfigured servers with a write community can be rebooted with a particular trap!


For WANs, if necessary, I'd use WBEM.


You can't really 'sync' 2 SIM servers as such. They would be 2 separate instances but you could configure one to forward all traps received to the central one.

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