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Security trust issue

Occasional Contributor

Security trust issue


In HP ICE 3 some systems show a Security Trust Issue at Software Version Status.

As far as I know I have everything configured correctly; I imported the certificate from our ICE server and I enabled trust by certificate.

I have configured version control to point to the repository on the ICE server and the credentials are saved and accepted.

I have many systems that work correctly (configured the same way) and when I replicate their agent settings to the systems with the trust issue everything is replicated but the issue does not go away.

Can someone help me fix this issue please?

Frequent Advisor

Re: Security trust issue

There is a new hotfix released located here:

You can also found a textfile with description how to use.

After this has been applied you maybe has to remove and then discover again.
After this it should work OK.

Best Regards
/Micke Ch
Occasional Contributor

Re: Security trust issue

Sorry for the delay.

Thx for the tip, I will look into the patches.
Ben Short
Frequent Advisor

Re: Security trust issue

I'm pulling my hair out with this problem as well. Unfortunately I already have hotfixes installed.

I'll give them another shot just in case.