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Server certificate issue

Jan Mietle
Occasional Advisor

Server certificate issue

A bit of background to begin with. We are usig SIM (Version 5.0 SP4) to look after some 260+ devices on our network and we are just getting ready to roll out our new Blade environment. As a result we needed to get RDP (Rapid Deployment Pack) installed onto one of our servers and the SIM server was chosen for simplicity reasons. However RDP needs to be installed before SIM, so when we raised this with our reseller he informed us that all we needed to do was to uninstall SIM, Install RDP, Install SIM and then re-attach to the existing MS SQL 2000 database.

I've done this and it all seems to be working OK. All the devices are there and alerts are flowing, but I have a problem with certificates. After the reinstall the server seems to issued itself with some new key/certificates, so when I try to import the certificate that we used prior to the reinstalled, I get the following error: "Error importing signed certificate: public key in reply doesn't match server's public key; ensure importing proper reply."
We would like to continue using the old keys and certificates as they are all properly signed and installed on all devices.

I still have access to the files and registry of the server prior to the reinstall, so does anyone know if there is anything that I can do to get the old certificate and/or keys back into SIM again?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Mr Jan Mietle