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Re: Server discovered twice.

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Occasional Advisor

Server discovered twice.

I have a problem discovering a new server.
When I discover manually a ProLiant DL380 G5 it appears twice in HPSIM :
- one entry show the server normally with hostname, IP address, ...
- the second show the server with serial number and its monitoring is suspended (see attacheg file).

Help please ??
Thank you.

Detail of HPSIM system :
CMS Operating system: Windows 2003
Version: Systems Insight Manager 5.3 with SP1 – Windows
Build version: C.

Occasional Advisor

Re: Server discovered twice.

We've had this occur due to an incorrect (or corrupt) entry in the BIOS for either the server Product Type or Serial Number.
This gets in to WMI and causes issues with MS SCCM as well as HP SIM.
Sometimes when HP techs replace the system board they don't update the details in BIOS.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Server discovered twice.

Thank you Mark for your help but the serial number of the second device is the correct SN of the server.
The mother boad was never replaced over this machine.

It's very genant to have 2 devices representing the same server. How can I delete the second device ou normalize the situation ?

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Server discovered twice.

There is an option in Automatic Discovery that when checked (it is on by default) will "discover" a server when its iLO is discovered. When that happens, a placeholder for the server is created, and that server is shown with its serial number as the name and monitoring is suspended. It cannot be managed until it is discovered in its own right.

When the server is discovered by its IP address and information is exchanged with it, the entry takes the place of the placeholder.

If when it's discovered by its IP address HP SIM is unable to communicate with it via a management protocol successfully and retrieve its serial number, it will show as "unmanaged" and both entries will remain because the information to reconcile the 2 entries was not available.
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Re: Server discovered twice.


I have disabled the option "Automatically discover a server when its Integrated Lights Out management processor is identified".
After deleting the 3 devices (server with IP address, server with SN, Ilo device), I have executed a manual discovery for the Proliant Server and its Ilo device.
Now the server appears only once in HPSIM, I hope the 2nd occurence will not discovered later.

Thanks a lot.

Occasional Advisor

Re: Server discovered twice.

Subject closed.
Thank you for your help.