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Server down shoots out 20 alerts

Dennis van Es
Occasional Visitor

Server down shoots out 20 alerts

HPSim gurus,

I tried to find this in the forum, but no luck yet, the way they set things up at the company I now work for is that every time a server goes down or another problem occurs, HPSim shoots out multiple emails, sometimes even 15-20 on the same problem.
How do I bring this number down?


Re: Server down shoots out 20 alerts

Hello Dennis,
that'w what I've done:
The mails are based on the Automatic Event Handling Task (Options->Events->Automatic Event Handling->Manage Tasks). There you can define tasks what to do in case of event type and system. And there is a Default taks called "System Event Handler", which send emails for every event on every system. So:
- create your own task(s)
- modify the default