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Server has no serial number


Server has no serial number

I was lookin through our servers today and ran across 2 that we were Performance logging, that now have a red x for status. After clicking on it it brought me to the unknown performance page. You can start PMP or license a sever. I looked at the license and these 2 servers were now showing nothing under the model field, and "server does not have a serial number", for the license status.

These servers have been showing up fine since I did the SIM upgrade. We have not changed any hardware on the servers either!!

Any ideas???
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Server has no serial number

What do you see if you go to the SMH of the Server?
Can you see the Serial Number there?

I've found PMP is very sensitive to SNMP, any changes there?
Recheck the Global Protocol settings, I've seen some instances where these get reset back to defaults ( we don't use the default community names here).