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Server is reported at a different blade chassis in SIM

Hemant S.
Occasional Advisor

Server is reported at a different blade chassis in SIM

I have proliant BL460 C blade ( chblade1, in HP blade chassis - CHBC1 ), RHEL 5.2 32 bit OS, in chassis CHBC1. In SIM when I try to discover this blade, SIM shows this blade in completely differnt blade chassis ( STBC3 ). I upgraded PSP software to 8.15 on this chblade1. Even then I have same issue.
What makes SIM think that this blade is differnt chassis. If I access this blade chassis - CHBC1MM1 - I can see chblade1 present at correct location.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Server is reported at a different blade chassis in SIM

See 'HP SIM 5.2 or greater Discovery Cases for c-Class BladeSystems in HP BladeSystem Integrated Manager' from http://www.hp.com/go/hpsim --> Information Library.

The PSP is not the source of the location information, this comes from OA. If a blade has been moved to a different enclosure, HP SIM will not know it has happened until 'Daily Device Identification' has been run and the OA in question tells it where it is now.

If you are going to have frequent moves, consider running a Identification task against the OAs with a frequency greater than an hour but less than a day, depending on your needs and the rate of change in your environment.