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Server on Multiple Networks

Sean Ennis
Occasional Contributor

Server on Multiple Networks

I have HP SIM running on a system that is connected to two different networks (actually one is physical and one is a virtual network hosted on the same machine, but I don't think that is material to the problem - 192.168.2.* and 192.168.1.* respectively).

I have events set up to e-mail me when they occurr. When this happens, HP SIM seems to be sending the e-mail out as coming from 192.168.1.* on the 192.168.2.* (at least that's what the traffic on one of our firewalls is showing).

Is there a way to indicate which network you want to send the event alerts out on?

Is there a way to force it use the right IP address for that network?

Have I missed some other possibility?