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Server rename, now I cannot delete it from SIM

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Honored Contributor

Server rename, now I cannot delete it from SIM

A co-worker of mine renamed a server.  Normally this is not a problem - I delete from SIM and re-add it with the new name.  However, this time it will not delete.  I click the checkbox next to it and click the delete button and nothing happens - no error, no message box.  I was able to delete the ILO object for it without problems.

If I click the the server name itself, I get this message:

The drilldown tool cannot be launched.  The current user is not authorized to run the tool on the particular system...

I am a full admin of the SIM system - I have full access to all systems and have never seen this error before.  Does anyone know of a way to force this old object to be deleted?



Honored Contributor

Re: Server rename, now I cannot delete it from SIM

Using the command line "MXNODE -R oldservername" allowed me to remove it.  Learned something new today...