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Servers and Disabled State

Susan Mundy

Servers and Disabled State

I have numerous blade servers that have a status of "Disabled". The servers are up and running. I am able to access the Integrated lights out console for these servers.
How can I change this status?

Re: Servers and Disabled State

If you didn't disable the servers, then I'd wage a guess that what you are seeing are placeholder systems created by SIM. There is an option to "Automatically discover a server blade when its Integrated Lights Out management processor is identified". You can find this under the general automatic discovery options.

When I had a batch of these, I first went through and manually ensured that SIM was actually able to monitor each of the blade servers. After I did that, some seemed to automatically replace the "placeholder system". For the others I manually deleted the "placeholder" then ran an 'identify' task against the remaining blades and their respective iLOs. These pretty much cleared it all up!