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Servers appears unknown

Occasional Advisor

Servers appears unknown


I've added some servers on my HP SIM console but all appear with unknown status, then I have not all informations
If someone has an idea to solve this problem
(I've checked my snmp parameters, it seems there are correct)
Thanks in advance

Joel Rubenstein
Honored Contributor

Re: Servers appears unknown

Servers are detected as unknown when SIM can not access SNMP on that server. If you look at the system page for the server you will not see the SNMP management protocol listed. This is typically due to a configuration mismatch between SIM and the server. SIM must specify the exact SNMP read community string name configured on the server (case sensitive). Also by default the SNMP security on Windows 2003 server is set to only accept packets from the listed hosts so the SIM server needs to be added to the list. Once the configurations are correct then you can run an "identify systems" and SIM should detect the SNMP protocol and properly ID the server. This of course assumes these are Proliant servers with the Insight Agents installed.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Servers appears unknown

A little finer point on Joel's response...

HP SIM performs an identification task when a new system is discovered and also by default a Daily Device Identification task is scheduled. I like to think of identification as HP SIM playing '20 questions' with a device.

Identification is how HP SIM figures out what management protocols are available, how to talk to a system and how to classify a system.

During '20 questions,' if HP SIM cannot get a positive response using any of the protocols it can discover (SNMP, WMI/WBEM, HTTP) then it will be classified as 'unmanaged.'

A system is classified 'unknown' if HP SIM is able to get a response from at least 1 management protocol but is unable to retrieve information from a system that matches a rule that it uses to classify a system.