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Service hours a Noob on HP SIM

Occasional Contributor

Service hours a Noob on HP SIM

I am new to this
When I look on a Smart Array 6I System Board and look on physical drives I can see that there is something that says "service hours"
It says 1540 on my disk (COMPAQ BD0728A4C4)

What is this ?
Check oil on disk after 1540 hours ? Huh ? :)

fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: Service hours a Noob on HP SIM


Have you noticed the question Mark next to the smart array title ?

Service Hours displays the current number of hours of service (the number of hours that a physical drive has been spinning) since the drive was stamped. The drive was stamped when it left the factory.

For example, if the Current Service Hours value is 604, the drive has been operating for 604 hours. If an error occurred at 499 Service Hours, it occurred after 499 hours of service.



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