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Sim 6.2, Mibs not compiling, please assist!

Brian Hahne
Regular Advisor

Sim 6.2, Mibs not compiling, please assist!

I have SIM 6.2 running, with all the latest updates.

I've got a new Liebert HVAC system, and 3 IBM XIV San units that I want to hook into SIM to process snmp traps from.
I've downloaded the mibs and run mcompile. I then take that cfg file, run mxmib -a xxxx.cfg and the result says command completed successfully.

But running mxmib -l, the mibs aren't listed. Also, test traps from the systems are ignored. I have snmp allowing unregistered traps to come in also. Seems it should work.. but I think the mibs simply aren't registering

In fact, even running mxmib -t on the mib files themselves, lists out no traps, but does say "Command Completed successfully"

Running Win2008 64bit OS for the server. I tried this from a command line, and also making a shortcut/bat file and running as administrator.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Sim 6.2, Mibs not compiling, please assist!

Hello Brain

I looks to me as you did not received/downloded the right files to register the traps. You should verify your mib files for trap information. You will find the information in most cases at the end of the mib file. Open a mib file delivered with sim and your vendor file to be sure that you got the trap definition.

If I get a vendor mib I also check after the mxmib load if I can see the vendor mib in the options-> event -> snmp trap settings page
Your new loaded Mib should be visible. But some time the attribute for the trap are not correctly set. for example enable trap handling is false.

But in your case I strongly believe that the information is not in the file or can not be interpreted by the mcompile or mxmib tool. I would also check if you have formatting or file conversion problems ( In most cases because the file was transfered between unix and windows systems.

I also recommend to accept unregistered events in the event filter of SIM.
As you will find in other treads on this forum sometime the trap looks different as described by the vendor.

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Re: Sim 6.2, Mibs not compiling, please assist!

To avoid some confusion

Check your MIB files for TRAP-TYPE entries.
I just saw that the mxmib -t command seems to be broken.

After the mcompile the generated cfg file should include some TRAP-TYPE lines.

findstr TRAP-TYPE your__vendor_mib_file.mib
should help.