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Status Box Indicators are blue

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Status Box Indicators are blue

Why are the status box indicators blue?
The SNMP traps (read-only) are configured the same on all servers. We have a range of W2k3 and w2k servers which are not reporting information on HP SIM.
Some servers are reporting the correct information whilst other servers report System Model: NULL
System Status: Unknown
and no further info on System boards etc etc
it does not matter whether I check these remotely or locally

There seems to be consistency in which servers report correctly or not.
fred Passeron
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Re: Status Box Indicators are blue


Unknown ususally means that both HP SIM and the client can talk snmp but there is probably a communication issue (Wrong community strings for instance.)
-Check the snmp configuration on the client side or use the configure and repair feature from HP SIM under the the configure menu to fix it.
It should help.


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Re: Status Box Indicators are blue

It was my understanding that you also need a write community string in SNMP so the information gets back to the SIMS server.

The read only string communicates on the local server.