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Status Changes Not Showing Up In System Status Box for Uncleared Events.

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Status Changes Not Showing Up In System Status Box for Uncleared Events.



Ive just set up an HPSIM 7.2 console for windows servers and what I have found is when the system state of a device changes (Hard disk failure, network failure, Array battery etc) the all servers view changes under the HS column but that event doesnt show up in the System status uncleared events at the same time, so its very difficult for me to see at a glance any new events or failures in the console. I have 900 devices currently in there so its impossible to check each one every day to see if there has been a change or failure.

Can anyone tell me how I can rectify this? We had an old 6.3 console and this worked fine but not on the new one.

We do get status changes to the uncleared event status counts but they only seem to be system inaccessible and accessible messages and internal HP messages like failed login attempts or data collection timeouts.


Can anyone suggest anything to try and this makes a daily easy task quite difficult.


Thanks In Advance

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Re: Status Changes Not Showing Up In System Status Box for Uncleared Events.

Hello Marvin,

The server status is changed in 2 cases.
When the server is polled from the Sim server the status changes but no. event is logged.
When the server agent detects an error and a trap is send the sim server sees this and logs an event.

In the second case you can configure that you want to recieve an email. So you probably don't have traps configured.
These traps can be snmp or wbem repending on OS and choice . Traps can be set from Sim with a repair command for a set of servers. Devices need to be configured seperatly.

Kind regards,

Kind regards,