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Stopping Notifications for Specific Events

Bob Banister
Occasional Advisor

Stopping Notifications for Specific Events

I have a server that has one power supply not connected as we haven't enough PDU space.
I get notifications from SIM for the power supply failure and I was wondering if I can stop notifications for this one server or can I only stop power supply notifications for all systems.

Many thanks.
Honored Contributor

Re: Stopping Notifications for Specific Events


here is how you can fiter the notifications :
Configuring event filters for registered SNMP traps

1. Select Optionsâ Eventsâ Event Filter Settings. The Event Filter Settings page appears.
2. Select Accept Unregistered Events to accept unregistered events, or clear the box to not accept
unregistered events.
3. Select Accept Registered Events with Severity to accept registered events with a certain severity or
multiple severities.
4. Select the severities you want to accept. The available options are Critical, Major, Minor, Warning,
and Informational.
5. Enter the IP ranges to accept in the Accept Traps from Discovered Systems in IP Ranges: box.
6. (Optional) Enter IP ranges in the Discard Traps from Discovered Systems in IP Ranges: box to
discard traps from certain systems.
Note: Enter one system or range per line, and separate the ranges and systems with a semicolon (;).
Enter an asterisk (*) to accept or delete traps from all ranges.
7. Click OK to accept settings.

If you wan to stop the notification from this server only enter its IP address, or remove it from SIM...