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Storage Essentials Self Signed SSL Certificate

Andy Grimbleby
Occasional Contributor

Storage Essentials Self Signed SSL Certificate

I have two installations of Storage Essentials 5.0.1 (with SIM 5.0sp4) using Oracle

The HP SIM & SE services are installed and configured on a machine with a FQDN of

In order to provide a reasonable level of security, we wish to use self signed SSL certificates with HP SIM/SE. A new certificate has been successfully created for the SIM component by using the options: Options -> Security -> Certificates -> Server and installing a new correctly configured certificate. Now when accessing an HP SIM page, it can be seen that a correctly identified certificate is in place on this service.

When you connect to an SE page, a separate certificate is used. This according to the documentation should be created by using the following series of commands:

../StorageEssentials/tools/generateAppIQKeyStore del
../StorageEssentials/tools/generateAppIQKeyStore create
../StorageEssentials/tools/generateAppIQKeyStore copy

However, due to what seems to be a bug in this script, it only ever generates a key with the server name appiq.

This seems to be due to the inconsistent use of the variables $CERTIFICATENAME and $certificate_name where I suspect these should be one and the same.

Using a modified version of the script to correctly pass the FQDN to 'keytool' causes the AppStorService to enter the stopping state for reasons unknown.

Can anyone tell me the correct procedure for configuring this?

Thanks in advance.