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Storage report

Vaughan Dyche
Occasional Contributor

Storage report

We are trying to run a HP SIM 5.1 report to list out some Storage related info (WWN numbers per Fibre port), but when we examine the output all it says is "No data available". We have confirmed that our SQL database dosn't contain any data relating to the Storage report item by running a manuel query so I would guess that SIM isn't pulling in any Storage info during the Data Collection process for some reason.

I know this information can be gathered via the Management Home Page, but with 1000 servers it has to be an automated task.

Can anyone offer advise as to why this is happening. I'm hoping your not going to say we need to purchase the Storage Essentials Pack :-)
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Re: Storage report

Well ... I don't say it but ...

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Brian Wright_1
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Re: Storage report

I'm looking to find out this information as well. Specifically the RAID type of each server and its direct attached Disks. There has to be a way to get this information, in the SMH, it will show what RAID type a Logical Drive is, and what disks are in that array, but the storage reports show NOTHING. The General fields will show each physical disks information, and then logical disk for what's formatted, but that's it.

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