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Sun solaris support

Sun solaris support

Has anyone integrated SUN Solaris monitoring into HP SIM environment? We are monitoring all Wintel & HP-UX servers using SIM 5.0, but there is a need to monitor SUN servers as well. Given large co-existence of HP-UX and SUN servers, I am wondering if there are any workarounds to integrate SUN monitoring by HP SIM?

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Sun solaris support

You can monitor at a basic level and get some information from snmp.
I believe this can be further enhanced using wbem and I believe there is a whitepaper on that around somewhere. I couldn't get the Solaris boys here interested in following that up.

You will also need to add the appropriate categories into HPSIM using the Options -> Manage System Types. You'll need snmp installed and configured on the Solaris servers in order for this to work.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Sun solaris support

For some reason (maybe Sun's compatibility) we haven't had much luck talking to Sun's WBEM Services for Solaris on SPARC...
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Re: Sun solaris support


I wanted to ask if anyone has any success since the last reply?

I just tried to integrate HP SIM onto our two solaris 10 11/06 DL385G2. We install it on all our windows and linux systems without any issues. However, am I correct in thinking that the coding for solaris has little development?

I can get it to install, but the only info I see is basic "system - system info" (hostname, o/s, ip addresses). No other useful details. Rather pointless imo. Better to install nagios.

Also, the same "settings - security - trusted management servers" certificate we use on our other systems fails to be recognised by the solaris HP SIM. Anyone knows why?

thanks for reading this.

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Sun solaris support

Fin, the previous posts were regarding Solaris on SPARC, not Solaris on ProLiant. You should be using the HP-provided agents.
Occasional Visitor

Re: Sun solaris support


Here is some info

system HPQhealth HP ProLiant Health Monitor
system HPQhma HP ProLiant Insight Management Agents
system HPQilo HP ProLiant iLO Management Interface Driver
system HPQsmh HP System Management Homepage

-bash-3.00# uname -ra
SunOS backup4 5.10 Generic_118855-36 i86pc i386 i86pc
system SUNWdmgtr Solaris Data Management WBEM/CIM API (root)
system SUNWdmgtu Solaris Data Management WBEM/CIM API (Usr)
system SUNWmgapp WBEM Management Applications
system SUNWrmwbr Resource Management WBEM Instrumentation (root)
system SUNWrmwbu Resource Management WBEM Instrumentation (usr)
application SUNWwbapi WBEM API
system SUNWwbcor WBEM Services (root)
system SUNWwbcou WBEM Services (usr)
application SUNWwbdev Sun WBEM SDK
application SUNWwbdoc Sun WBEM SDK - Documentation
application SUNWwbmc Solaris Management Console 2.1 (WBEM Components)
system SUNWwbpro WBEM Providers (usr)

-bash-3.00# ps -ef | grep hma
root 20226 1 0 Nov 07 ? 0:00 /opt/HPQhma/lib/hmathreshd -l -f
root 20295 1 0 Nov 07 ? 0:01 /opt/HPQhma/lib/hmahealthd -l -f
root 20309 1 0 Nov 07 ? 0:11 /opt/HPQhma/lib/hmastdeqd -l -f
root 3754 11572 0 14:55:45 pts/6 0:00 grep hma
root 20253 1 0 Nov 07 ? 0:11 /opt/HPQhma/lib/hmahostd -l -f
root 20212 1 0 Nov 07 ? 0:03 /opt/HPQhma/lib/hmanicd -l -f
root 20198 1 0 Nov 07 ? 0:07 /opt/HPQhma/lib/hmastord -l -f
root 20250 1 0 Nov 07 ? 0:00 /opt/HPQhma/lib/hmasm2d -l -f
-bash-3.00# ps -ef | grep hp
root 18485 18483 0 Nov 07 ? 0:00 /opt/hp/hpsmh/bin/rotatelogs /var/spool/opt/hp/hpsmh/logs/access_log 5M
root 3756 11572 0 14:55:48 pts/6 0:00 grep hp
root 18606 1 0 Nov 07 ? 0:02 /opt/HPQhealth/lib/hpasmlited/hpasmlited -d 0
root 18484 18483 0 Nov 07 ? 0:00 /opt/hp/hpsmh/bin/rotatelogs /var/spool/opt/hp/hpsmh/logs/error_log 5M
hpsmh 18486 18483 0 Nov 07 ? 0:01 /opt/hp/hpsmh/sbin/hpsmhd -DSSL -f /opt/hp/hpsmh/conf/smhpd.conf
root 18483 1 0 Nov 07 ? 0:02 /opt/hp/hpsmh/sbin/hpsmhd -DSSL -f /opt/hp/hpsmh/conf/smhpd.conf

I have installed all that was asked, read the pdfs, but still cannot get the same level of detail as for the windows/linux installations. Do you have any suggestions?


Senior Member

Re: Sun solaris support

Please write down the step for me.
My environment is HPSIM 5.2 on HP-UX (CMS Server) and 2 SUNs Server with Solaris 10 x86 on HP-BL460c.

I download any agents for BL460c from HP Web Site and installed it.

Now I cannot discovery sun server. Please help me to write down the step or suggest me for solve this problem.